Early Music Exhibition London

Dutch viol maker René Slotboom asked me to be his assistant on the Early Music Exhibition in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich – London, November 12th to 14th.
Copie de René Slotboom
It was the perfect opportunity to meet musicians and instrument makers in this amazing setting.
Copie de Early Music Exhibition
I discussed Renaissance bows with Alison Crum, the well known English viol player and teacher, and viol player and cellist Markku Luolajan-Mikkola tried a cello bow.
Copie de Markku and Alison Crum
I played consort with Richard Jones, Renaissance viol and bow maker from Scotland. It was very nice to meet Jane Julier, who made the viol consort for the Conservatoire of Paris with Judith Craft, for which Christophe Coin ordered three Acacia bows recently. Some fine cellists tried an Acacia bow, see photos below.

London was a better place to be at that moment than Paris.


2 thoughts on “Early Music Exhibition London

  1. Hello, just heard about your bows . Are you coming to the early music exhibition in London 2016? A few of us would like to try your bows.


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