Balance 2015

2015 was a good year : I came back from Mali with nice ebony wood for the frogs, founded the Micro-entreprise ‘Archets en bois de Robinier’ and did my first Exhibitions in the Pyrenees, London (as assistant) and, last but not least, Paris in November.

Dutch cellist Pieter Wispelwey bought a cello bow and Christophe Coin choose three bows for the Conservatoire de Paris.

14 bows sold in Holland, 13 in France, one in Belgium, two in Germany, three in Japan, one in California.

18 viol bows (4 treble, 7 tenor, 7 bass), 5 cello, 4 violin, 2 double bass, 1 lirone and 1 viola da spalla bows.

This is the last bow I am working on for the Violone:
Archet de violone 56


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