Bye bye 2016

The advantage of a starting business is that growth is almost inevitable. Making and selling went up with 50%.

I made 75 bows this year, despite the time I have been traveling. 6 weeks to Mali, 6 weeks in Holland, Scotland and England, and several weeks to do the exhibitions in Asfeld (France), Utrecht, London and Paris.

Again I am really happy to welcome so many great and friendly customers to the Renaissance viol bows, both amateurs and illustrious professionals.

Amongst them I want to mention the order of a set of five bows for Sarah Mead’s Renaissance consort in Boston, the two bows Jordi Savall bought in July, Margaret Urquhart, Richard Myron, Philip Thorby, Joshua Cheatham, Alain Gervreau, and others.

53 bows sold in 2016, against 34 in 2015.   strijkstokroos-2

16 during the exhibitions.

In Holland 14
France 11
England 7
Germany 4
Spain 3
Switzerland 3
Norway 2
Italy 1

Bass viol 18
Violone 9
Treble viol 9
Cello 8
Tenor viol 7
Violin 2

As last year I will start 2017 with 6 weeks in Mali, see

I wish you a happy new year full of music and surprises. What will be showing up in 2017 ?


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