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Coen en altgamba1
Coen Engelhard and alto viol

Renaissance Viol bows made by Coen Engelhard

“I started making renaissance viol bows when I got my first renaissance viol, a beautiful alto viol made by Pierre Thouvenot. He suggested trying Acacia wood, which I did and it turned out to be so gorgeous for bow making that I never found a better option and even play the other viols and the cello with these bows.

The wood comes from the forest where I live, at the feet of the French Pyrenees. Its Latin name is Robinia pseudoacacia. It is very resistant and has a direct sound, with the black hair it gives the bow a nice ‘bite’.

25 years of viol playing and teaching at the ‘Conservatoire de Toulouse’ from 1996 to 2015 help me test every bow extensively.”

Viola da gamba bow


Coen Engelhard
09130 Sieuras

tel 0033 6 77 79 70 89




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