Yew wood

After making more than 500 bows with Acacia wood, I started making bows with Yew. It’s a very interesting experience, as the wood is quite different. The sound is nice, the look of the wood is awesome and the touch of the poslished wood is soft. You want to try ?

Yew bow nr 504, 69 cm, 55 gr, 55 cm playing length, 700 €
Cello bow nr 503, 69 cm, 64 gr, 56 cm pl, 700 €
Yew bow for violin or vielle, nr 505, 62 cm, 49 gr, 51 cm playing length, 600 €
Viol / cello bow nr 507, 69 cm, 68 gr, 57,5 cm playing length, 750 €
Violin / vielle bow nr 512, 61 cm, 52 gr, 51 cm playing length, 600 €


1 thought on “Yew wood

  1. Jazeker zou ik dat graag willen proberen. Ik ben erg blij met mijn violonestrijkstok.
    Ik zou graag voor mijn alt en/of diskantgamba een strijkstok van yew proberen

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