October 25 : a bow in the mountains

28 September : violin bow with Adventure’s hair

28 August : new collection ready for the Utrecht Festival

8 Mai : Acacia, horse, bow and bow maker
IMGP7652 (2)

7 Mai : Acacia is blossoming in the woods where your bow comes from
Acacia en fleur le 7 mai (2)

22 March : new stock of Acacia wood :

November 2016 in London :

October 2016 Violone bow nr 100 :

June 2015 Viol and cello bow in the air …

Photos October 2014

July 2014 I took two bows with me on top of the Pic des trois seigneurs in the Pyrenees as an experiment to see if the mountain energy would do them good. It was a nice experience, gave me some gorgeous photos, and … one is now my favorite cello bow and the other is awesome on Gerard Frykman’s double bass …


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