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Who bought a Violone bow this year ?

Violone bow 52

Several outstanding musicians, mostly professional double bass players, purchased an Acacia violone bow this year !

Einar Schoyen, from Norway, double bass player in the Oslo Philharmonic, plays the Violone in the Barokkanerne. He bought a bow for his big D-Violone in January 2016.
“… it feels like it’s the perfect match for my violone… no rasping, unbelievable articulation, and resonant sound.”

Renger Woelderink (Holland-Germany), solo double bass player in the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester in Germany plays the 8 foot Violone with an Acacia bow.

Margaret Urquhart (England-Holland), first bassist in the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century in Holland and teacher at The Hague Conservatory and at the Amsterdam Conservatory, purchased an Acacia bow for her Renaissance Violone in March 2016.

Richard Myron (USA-France), plays in most well known French baroque orchestras, teaches at the Conservatoire de Paris, bought a violone bow in April.

Italian double bass and violone player Severiano Paoli lives in Holland and just bought violone bow nr 49.

French viol player and teacher in Poitiers Mattieu Lusson bought a bow for his Violone.

And Sarah Mead, leading American viol player and teacher, trying some bows for her new Renaissance viol consort : “The heavy one was fantastic for the quart-bass, very responsive. We thought it was a perfect match for the instrument.”

Philip Thorby (England) purchased a bow for the violone Tim Soar recently made for him.

Marcel Snijders (Holland) plays with violone bow nr 52 in “Speelhuys – Kroegbarok”.

Who is next ?

Violone bow 52 tip