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Cello bows

New fantastic cello bows made out of French Service wood, Sorbus domestica, with white or black hair. They play like heaven 🙂 Try and see, we can stop cutting Brazilian wood for bows.

Bows for beginners

Beginners need an affordable but easy playing bow, not too heavy, not too long, but with a good sound. These bows made out of Service tree wood provide an excellent start on the treble, tenor and bass viol for only 500 euros ! How can it get any better ?

Bows for children

Children need bows adapted to their size. These bows, made out of Service tree wood, have a total length of 68 cm and a playing length of 57 cm. The are easy to hold and easy to play with. Available for treble, tenor and bass viol. Other sizes are available on demand.
Because it is new, there is a promotional price of 400 euros !

Service tree

The Service tree or Sorb tree, is known for its dense and homogeneous wood. Sorbus domestica is indigenous to the whole Mediterranean area. Mentioned in ancient Greek literature, the Romans spread the species in whole Europe and made cider from its small apple-like fruits. In France we call it Cormier, its wood has always been used to make wooden planes and other tools because of its density and its stability. Exactly what is needed for bow making.

Like Yew, it has a reddish inner part providing one of the heaviest woods in Europe and an outer part which is lighter in colour and in weight. I bought enough wood for many bows at a nearby sawing mill, where it has been air dried since 2000. The hard wood will be used for quality bows, the outer parts seem to be perfect for study bows.

140 years old was this tree before it fell in the storm of 1999

Yew wood

After making more than 500 bows with Acacia wood, I started making bows with Yew. It’s a very interesting experience, as the wood is quite different. The sound is nice, the look of the wood is awesome and the touch of the poslished wood is soft. You want to try ?

Yew bow nr 504, 69 cm, 55 gr, 55 cm playing length, 700 €
Cello bow nr 503, 69 cm, 64 gr, 56 cm pl, 700 €
Yew bow for violin or vielle, nr 505, 62 cm, 49 gr, 51 cm playing length, 600 €
Viol / cello bow nr 507, 69 cm, 68 gr, 57,5 cm playing length, 750 €
Violin / vielle bow nr 512, 61 cm, 52 gr, 51 cm playing length, 600 €

Viol bows for sale 2023

March 2023 : Yew and Service wood bows

Service wood bass viol bow nr 518, 74 cm, 72 gr, 800 €
Light Service wood bass viol bow nr 515, 76 cm, 72 gr, 600 €
Yew bass viol bow nr 507, 69 cm, 68 gr, 750 €
Yew tenor viol bow nr 504, 69 cm, 54 gr, 700 €

February 2023 : new viol bows

Acacia viol bow nr 500, 76 cm, 57 gr, bog oak frog, 750 €

January 2023 : new viol bows ready to be send around the world

Tenor/bass viol bow nr 457, 63 gr, 63 cm playing length, bog oak frog, 650 €
Bass viol bow nr 479, 66 gr, 62 cm playing length, bog oak frog, 750 €
Viol bows nr 486, 67 gr, 600 € and nr 487, 72 gr, 650 €
G Violone bow nr 489, 89 gr, 60 cm pl, 750 €

Leatherwood Rosin

Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin is made in Australia by a small but passionate company producing premium rosin for all bowed instruments. There is a great choice of texture and adherence. The intention is to work together with musicians to make the rosin they really would like to have.

The rosin shown here has been developed recently for the G Violone. It works really well, as do the others I use for the cello, viol and double bass. In fact, I don’t use other rosins anymore …

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